How to retrofit restaurant booth sofa?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-28
Restaurant booth sofa use frequency is very high, the new booth before long will change the old sofa is broken, then the booth of sofa like chicken ribs, abandon a pity, continue to use the damage to the image of the restaurant, embarrassed on both sides of the restaurant owners. Actually at that time only need to restaurant booth sofa renovation can solve all problems. For use for a long time, but the general structure in good restaurant booth renovation processing sofa, can make sofa booth look brand-new, prolong the service life of sofa booth, reduce restaurant operating costs. The small make up respectively according to the different material for your booth sofa on restaurant booth sofa renovation of some details. 1, cloth art sofa cloth art sofa booth renovation booth is the most easy, also is a kind of the lowest cost of renovation. Cloth art sofa booth used for a period of time after the easy problems are: ( 1) Booth sofa fabric is stained with besmirch can't clear feeling, biltong look very ugly. It only need to change cloth art sofa booth a slipcover. Cloth art sofa booth now basically can unpick and wash the design, restaurant owners need only contact cloth art sofa booth custom manufacturer, to provide with the style of sofa cover oneself change. ( 2) Booth sofa cushions in the collapse, internal sponge failure. This kind of situation will need to find a special teacher to change the booth sofa spring or sponge. But cost is not high. 2, wooden booth sofa sofa is getting stuck commonly soft package design, but also has a hard seat design booth sofa products, this is what we call the wooden booth sofa. This wooden booth either pure real wood production sofa, or material is solid wood and man-made board production. When using wooden booth tend to match with soft cushion and sofa cushion for leaning on. Wooden sofa booth renovation of dirt on the sofa you first need to be removed, if for booth to paint on the sofa, you need to put the original surface polished clean, then paint again. And if the wooden part of the case of damage of sofa, it is need to please a carpenter to repair, repair. 3, paper art booth sofa leather sofa booth renovation cost will be slightly high, most of the refurbished processing because of leather surface appeared aging fracture, crack, fade, peel and some still happens. Paper art sofa booth renovation, if only leather damaged, a small scale so professional chefs to repair. But if it is a wide range of peel, it is need to replace the whole leather.
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