How to recognize bar quality fit and unfit quality of the sofa?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-18
Buy bar sofa, beautiful sex is on the one hand, more important is quality. But the quality is bar stealth characteristics of sofa, its not enough people know it is difficult to distinguish the bar sofa quality fit and unfit quality. To teach you today distinguish bar sofa quality method. 1, appearance and color bar sofa of choose and buy, want to outside-in, first check the bar sofa fabrics and appearance. Fabric is close skin, soft, the overall color is even, stitched part whether level off, closely whether work fine. If it is paper art sofa is to distinguish the quality of the leather, if it is cloth art sofa, then to find out what kind of fabrics of cloth art, whether strong wear resistance, whether to support water washing. 2, sofa stuffing a bar filled parts including cushion, sofa back of a chair, armrest three parts. Inspection needs to sit on it a try, if can clearly feel the framework of sofa, so that the thickness of the filler is insufficient, low density; If got up and found that a sofa in the concave pit, and for a long time can't restore, it means that sofa filled elastic sponge is poorer; If feel hard to sit on, not comfortable, then sofa internal fill of high density sponge, lack of flexibility. A good sofa, internal filling should be divided into two layers of sponge, the underlying the use of high-density elastic sponge, guarantee the sofa elastic, surface to fill a layer of medium density sponge, soft and comfortable sofa. 3 the quality of the internal frame bar, sofa sofa framework mainly includes two aspects, on the one hand is the processing quality, such as whether connect closely, wood processing and uniform framework, and on the other hand is the material quality, such as wrought iron sofa frame steel toughness and strength of steel pipe and anticorrosion, wooden sofa framework whether crack, whether or not rot, mildew, whether there is a fast knot, bug, in addition to the above three aspects, there are still some details also affects the quality of the sofa, bar, such as the quality of the pillow, sofa sofa cover zipper quality, etc. After the bar of the sofa of choose and buy this requires special attention.
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