How to let dining-room furniture tables and chairs are durable

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-02
How to let dining-room furniture table and chair durable recommend { Dining-room furniture} Dining room furniture is and our most & other; Close & throughout; One of the furniture, but they are closer to the cup dish vessels and Marine oil & ndash; — Only pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance, to make your restaurant furniture experience is long cover is new! 1. Wood and plastic cement, natural & other Breathing organic material & throughout; , which makes it more easily than other materials affected by the surrounding environment; 2. Restaurant is closer to the kitchen than the other room, furniture is also more susceptible to oil erosion, so the owner to be more diligent about eat edge ark, wipe the table chairs and timely removal of dust, dirt, stain, can let dining-room component enduring! 3. The great advantage of solid wood furniture and characteristic is naturally produced, unique wood grain, and the change of natural natural colour and lustre. 4. Directly to the beverage, chemicals or hot objects placed on furniture, will damage the surface of the wood natural color, so it is recommended to use wood or cloth eat mat. 5. Meimei cloth art table mat is a part of the table art oh, restaurants can be according to the different types of meals can be based on factors such as mood, seasonal, home furnishings, in this area as my idea! 6. The usual dust, only can wipe with a soft cotton cloth or towel. For wet cloth to wipe, please pay attention to use dry cloth to wipe it again; Don't use chemical cleaners, caustic soda, laundry detergent to wipe. 7. Care of furniture, will radiate the light of a deep and lasting appeal, the appeal will with the passage of time and more deep, become the precious wealth of dining room furniture lives!
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