How to customize restaurant booth sofa, there are three points to note!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-30
Abstract: in many fast food restaurants are visible restaurant sofa, restaurant booth of sofa is necessary in the food industry, and the quality of the booth sofa is a factor shows that the grade of the restaurant, according to the traffic of many fast food restaurants, many customers like to have a booth sofa restaurants, is very popular with the young people now. So now a lot of leisure food and bar, coffee shop, restaurant, tea restaurants are choose booth sofa as seats. So that the sofa quality of good or bad managers concern, and how to choose and buy good booth sofa method is necessary. Booth sofa is composed of fabric, wood frame and sponge filler, today small make up now to introduce three factors that influences the quality of booth sofa: 1, the restaurant sofa stuffing: booth of the most important function is to let the body comfortable sofa, each section of the feeling booth to sit on sofa to and achieve the perfect body. And booth sofa fit in with the human body, and depends on the sofa booth padding. Padding material of different is largely formed different booth sofa sits. Some real estate or the sofa of small manufacturers because of its low cost, mostly using inferior sponge residues as filler, easy to collapse, quality guaranteed. And sofa USES are three core layer of high density sponge in place to ensure that the seat cushion in the process of using force equilibrium, while adding a waterfowl wool composition, the waterfowl hair is different from the general sense, it is considered that the feather, duck down, but after degreasing, cleaning, drying, disinfection 18 complex working process, to ensure its fluffy, soft, environmental protection, no peculiar smell. 2, restaurant booth sofa fabrics: when booth sofa of choose and buy, most of the purchaser only by the first sight of bright-coloured color and decided to purchase, actually this is very subjective. First of all, the color bright show the dye, the more water fade, is with no environmental protection; Second, since the choice booth sofa, fabric not fade not shrink is to verify the sofa quality the most powerful proof. Now there are a lot of real estate booth sofa USES mostly is domestic or cheap fabrics, severe fading, shrink after washing, use after a period of time out of the original bright-coloured colour, and reduce its volume by magic, but also sad. Superior sofa only in the United States, Canada, Belgium and so on the world's three big top exclusive for FLOCK fabrics, textile enterprises comprehensive water do not fade not shrink, in this regard is the first of the furniture manufacturing industry in the world. Sofa also vast loyal users called & other; Can be painting booth sofa & throughout; When the stain come into contact with the fabric surface will not be absorption, permeability, only with ordinary towel touchs water to wipe a trace. Because it is the world's top textile technology combined with molecular environmental protection system, the molecules on the surface of the fabric is very tight, stains on the above will not be absorption, permeability, can instantly remove without trace, very environmentally friendly. 3, restaurant sofa framework: with imported eucalyptus wood in the wood frame is first selection, it is a precondition for high quality gets stuck sofa bearing frame. Booth is this kind of eucalyptus wood sofa frame, its each root wood after polishing, dehydration, in addition to bacteria, mildew, and other process, to ensure that the wood itself is not insect, no peculiar smell, at the same time, material and material at the connecting with mortise or carved mouth bite each other, is very strong.
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