How to configure the western restaurant tables and chairs color?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-13
Since the trend of economic globalization, many foreign food culture into China. One of the most outstanding one is at home, more and more the number of the restaurant. Today is to introduce you to western restaurant tables and chairs color configuration principles! Form there are a lot of western restaurants, such as steak, XXX XXX cafe, etc. , these are all western restaurant, and mode of operation are different. It has long been the diversification of the style of western restaurant tables and chairs. Western restaurant tables and chairs including the west dining table, dining chair, restaurant booth, chair, bar, cupboard and so on. The western restaurant tables and chairs how color is tie-in, make explanation for you. The color of the western restaurant tables and chairs not only relates to the western restaurant decorating effect, different color of consumer psychology and the influence of the different of repast. Color can affect the person's appetite, but also can affect the person's mood. Western restaurant tables and chairs colors when should pay attention to the following tips. 1, the western restaurant tables and chairs on the overall color collocation should be administrative levels feeling. That is to say, the color of the ground, metope USES most excessive color chromaticity moderate, ceiling light, this can increase the restaurant's overall sedate feeling, but also won't let a person feel depressed. And the color of the western restaurant tables and chairs decorate also should follow the above characteristics. 2, in different circumstances, the person's psychology is not the same performance, the winter and summer, for example, by this time the color of the western restaurant tables and chairs layout will change accordingly. For example, in a cold autumn night, western restaurant can turn off the main light, and then for each restaurant tables and chairs with candles, this time is a kind of sweet, warm feeling. 3, each person's love in the color is different, but in general are similar to some of the senses that color characteristics. Western restaurant furniture decorate should by feeling light anacreontic tonal give priority to color, can use the classic YaBai, or use the sisters color of orange or similar color, the effect of these color have promote appetite. 4, there are some western restaurants in order to ascend to the space decorate a style, will choose some dark design restaurant tables and chairs, one of the most common is wood coffee tables and chairs. So, when the dark restaurant tables and chairs itself can be through the collocation of colour and lustre and lively tablecloth to solve the problem. The above is the western restaurant tables and chairs the principle of color and tie-in skill! ! !
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