How to clean booth sofa

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-15
Booth sofa with a western restaurant into China. Now has become a large and small restaurants, KTV, bars and other places one of the necessary furniture. Want to talk to you today is booth sofa cleaning problem. Booth sofa has modelling is simple and easy, comfortable and practical features, to win the majority of users love. But booth sofa use place generally is a place of entertainment, leisure, it often faces a high frequency of utility. Not only easy to dirty, also easy to bad. Want to keep the booth of the sofa is beautiful, prolong the service life of sofa booth, booth sofa daily cleaning and maintenance is necessary. 1, booth sofa manufacturers need to customize, and need to choose a good reputation and after-sales. So when the booth damaged sofa can for renovation. Although there are many on the market for booth renovation companies and professionals, but renovation need to manufacturers to provide the required raw material, such as booth of leather. 2, fix the booth sofa manufacturer after the trouble back at home, then let's talk about booth daily cleaning problem of the sofa. For dust gets stuck on the sofa, you just need to use twist dry wet towel to wipe, and if it is cloth art sofa booth, you can out of the daily clean at ordinary times, need to change set of clean on a regular basis. 3, what is the easiest damaged booth sofa? Of course is the cushion. So try to choose your booth sofa can choose the removable booth sofa cushion, so that in the process of daily use, can according to the booth the use frequency of sofa to adjust each booth of cushion, to balance the booth of old and new problems of the sofa. It can achieve the purpose of extending the service life of the booth sofa. If it is a cushion sealed, booth, so also can consider to change the position of the sofa of each booth. 4, whether it's art booth sofa leather or cloth art sofa booth, all need to avoid direct sunlight, it will damage the booth the fabrics of sofa, affect the service life. But also will cause the booth sofa color, beautiful sex. 5, paper art booth is the most common sofa, compared with the cloth art sofa booth, paper art sofa booth although peacetime with relatively simple, but is more complicated to maintain, it needs to maintain with professional maintenance of oil, can appear otherwise cracking and peeling phenomenon.
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