How to choose western restaurant table cloth?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-05
Western restaurant table is necessarily should match the tablecloth to use, this also let antependium became an important landscape. Thus, western restaurant table cloth have a crucial impact on western restaurant whole decorate effect. So, how should western restaurant choose cloth? This is the question about which we want to discuss with everybody today! There are different occasions of western restaurant antependium, different occasions need equipped with different cloth, such as the tablecloth restaurant hall, because the people dining centers, the antependium of collocation should pay attention to a fit. If it is the party? Western restaurant banquet exquisite and elegant, the use of the cloth to choose those simple sense, hang down feeling is strong, colour of simple but elegant and easy tablecloth. In general, western restaurant table with a tablecloth to be decided according to the western restaurant decoration effect, but also according to the western restaurant dining guests. Here we come again something about western restaurant antependium skills of choose and buy! Shape west table 1, table cloth for the table, so choose cloth must first determine the shape of a western restaurant table, and the number of various types of west table. Wrong words, otherwise the tablecloth size is match up with western restaurant table. Traditional western restaurant table is given priority to with long tables, western restaurants in China affected by Chinese food culture, restaurant table have appeared in the round, square, oval, round table table or even the opposite sex, and other styles. We will long square as an example to explain the tablecloth with! First of all need to the rectangular table cloth with suitable size table, and then two square antependium crisscross matting on the surface of the table. 2, antependium fabric are many western restaurant table cloth fabric, popular western restaurant use tablecloths are plastic class, although not environmental protection, and a single color, texture, but does have very good waterproof and oil. Restaurant use of mensal antependium is all textile class, of course, in order to cost considerations, the tablecloth is chemical textiles, after the oil is easy to clean. There are some western restaurants use the tablecloth is the linen texture, this table cloth is not only environmental protection, natural and simple sense is better,, color and pattern are more abundant, is the good choice of the soft decoration effect.
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