How to choose the right booth sofa?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-05
Booth sofa, slightly class restaurants are used to. But for how to choose the right holder of sofa products, restaurant owners still have a lot of doubt in my heart. Even many have purchasing booth the boss for his wrong choice of sofa lament. Investigate its reason, or not to grasp the method of brillant booth sofa of choose and buy! First we took the booth roughly divided into cloth art sofa booth and leather sofa art booth sofa! Of course, the difference between the two is only lies in the different fabrics. We have to start from the cloth art sofa booth. Familiar with cloth art sofa must understand, the cloth of cloth art sofa booth in addition to a variety of material to distinguish, craft and printing and silk embroideries. The cloth of printing design not only thin material, and process simple, so this kind of cloth art sofa booth quality is poorer, the price is cheaper also. And another needlepoint design of cloth art sofa booth, thick fabric, design have stereo feeling, and the process is complex, belongs to woven. This kind of cloth art sofa booth price nature also more expensive. So, choose cloth art sofa booth never have printed cloth art sofa booth as high-grade booth to buy a sofa. In addition, the choose and buy of cloth art sofa booth, especially business restaurant use, can not only choose pure cotton, pure wool fabric, it is best to choose blending cloth, so as to achieve the highest cost performance. Good! Cloth art sofa booth, and we'll take a look at the following paper art sofa booth! About paper art booth of leather sofa, small make up take too many pages to introduce the past. Including the types of imitation leather, leather booth sofa leather, quality, quality, and distinguish the skills. Interested friends can look at it. The small make up to you to focus on the booth include structure of sofa. About the booth include sofa, don't superstitious the stiffness of the steel. Really good quality booth sofa, the shelves are made of fumigation of hard miscellaneous wood, which include eucalyptus wood is one of the good. In addition to the wooden frame, a lot of people inside the booth sofa using sponge pad also exist certain error. Don't think that gets stuck using high density sponge sponge sofa is good, because good quality booth sofa using sponge is a variety of categories, in addition to high density sponge also need to use medium density sponge etc. Various sponge collocation is used.
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