How to choose the family restaurant booth sofa?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-19
Now the family is decorated in, more and more used to booth sofa. Especially in the porch and family restaurants. For small family household, booth sofa can provide restaurant space utilization. For large family household, restaurant booth sofa can improve the restaurant not only beautiful, still can home comfort. Used in the family restaurant booth sofa and commercial use of 'seats, family use of them are generally not completely real wood sofa booth, internal wooden frame exposed, then add cushions and pillows to use. The commercial used in restaurants, hotels, entertainment places booth sofa is generally mild package design. The following detailed family restaurant booth for you the choose and buy of sofa skills! 1, color restaurant is the place that family meals, booth sofa color design should not be used on the cold too much color, this will make the person produces depressive feeling. The average family restaurant booth sofa can choose pure white design, and then with different colors of cushions and pillows. A more classic family restaurant booth is for pure white sofa booth of completely real wood, respectively, with sky blue and light yellow dichromatic cushions and pillows, between the two color collocation, the whole restaurant looks both fashion and warm. Aesthetic feeling now! 2, material've said above, family restaurant booth sofa generally will not adopt soft package design, wooden frame exposed. Well some of them will use a completely real wood sofa design, less booth sofa is plate design, namely real wood frame, man-made board plate. Distinguish between the two method is very simple, you just need to see the connection. All of the booth of completely real wood sofa are connected by mortise and tenon joint, and plate holder sofa is to use hardware connection. 3, surface process in order to improve the beautiful sex of booth sofa, in general, family use sofa booth ( Whether it is a restaurant or a porch) Is Jane European design, surface in a blister process. The whole booth looks beautiful and fashion. It is important to note that in porch place such as the use of the booth of sofa usually comes with the effect of couch couch rice. Not strictly distinguish between them.
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