How to choose the booth sofa order?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-03
How to choose the booth sofa order? Self-recommendation { Furniture factory} 1, booth sofa must conform to the dining-room decorate a style. Before decorate restaurant, good tone should be booked in advance, what is small and pure and fresh dining-room, or rural wind restaurant, restaurant or luxuriant wind, it will have to decide in advance, after the decision, choosing booth sofa, will be in accordance with the decision to choose the style, or sofa and dining room, can make customers dining feel very uncomfortable. 2, choose your booth sofa, must measure good restaurant in advance the reserved space, in accordance with the appropriate size to choose the appropriate size of booth sofa. Different style of the size of the booth sofa it is not the same, although the furniture factory can customize according to the size, but some booth size of the cut after the effect is not the original. In design of the field before the custom size, we must give full consideration to good your restaurant booth size sofa of choose and buy. 3, choice of the color of sofa, is also very important. Restaurants are now diversified business, in the same sofa will have different color for customers to choose. In color to choose, therefore, must be consistent and the foundation of the dining room is tonal, collocation is comfortable, to obtain the customer's favorite.
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