How to choose restaurant booth sofa?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-09
The restaurant booth sofa on the market there are too many styles, factory number is less, so many manufacturers and products, customers should choose a product? Furniture to remind, as long as according to the following a few principles of choose and buy, you could buy the quality of the restaurant booth sofa! 1, since booth sofa surface restaurant booth surface quality including the color and style of sofa, look at the beautiful degree of sofa, and design and dining-room decorate does not take effect. It will also look at the surface of the fabric sofa seam quality and skill. Sofa fabric is close skin comfortable; Whether can wash, convenient and clean; Is there to take off the line; Sewing is close, and so on. 2, restaurant booth of internal filling to ensure restaurant booth of comfortable seating, internal will fill trampoline and cushions on the sofa. Booth internal padding quality directly determines the sofa sofa seating, and the service life of sofa, A lot of sofa started with cushions the bad) 。 Traditional restaurant booth a vertical spring is used to increase the elastic cushion of the sofa, but now many booth sofa manufacturer can use a bandage instead of spring, spring and bandage determines the quality of the sofa comfort and resilience. Spring intensity can lead to high sofa cushion is too hard, can not meet the comfortable effect; Spring hardness is too low will lead to spring easy to deformation, the cushion will collapse after using for a period of time. The sponge is divided into native sponge and spun rayon, cellulose sponge elasticity bad, no, and fragile. When they have to buy special attention to the quality of the sofa sponge. 3, general component is the internal framework of restaurant booth framework gets stuck, wrought iron and wood art two, internal framework of bearing material, mechanical design, connection solid degree determines the quality restaurant booth sofa internal framework. In addition to pay special attention to is that restaurant booth clear internal frame anticorrosive processing, is easy to rust, rot, bug eat by moth.
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