How to choose more durable paper art sofa booth?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-16
Admiral gets stuck in the sofa design is fashionable, atmospheric, comfortable, this and the characteristics of paper art sofa coincides with mine. So in the restaurant, you can see booth is mostly leather sofa art sofa booth design. To explain for you today is how to choose a more durable leather art sofa booth. Used paper art sofa booth knows, booth first bad parts, also is the most easily broken part of the booth of leather, leather wear resistance and flexibility will be the most key factor to determine whether booth sofa and durable. 1, on the market is actually a kind of special booth sofa leather, the leather there is no special name, but it has the following features: leather soft hard moderate, comfort and wear resistance are well balanced. But, if you use nails to pinch leather will be leaving the device, but not obvious, and after a period of time will be restored. The booth professional sofa leather is made of PU leather production, but in the process of production the wear-resisting. On the market, the leather is very common, the price is not too high, many manufacturers will use it as booth sofa fabrics. 2, common booth sofa leather on the market, and one called leather, it feels soft, good gloss, device will not leaving the device. From his touch and comfort, skin is a leather and leather is very similar. But the real problem is that the skin is very easy to damage, maintain undeserved, usually a year or so it will start to appear a few small cracks, and start peeling. This is also in the production of leather sofa of booth used few reasons. Unless the customer special requirements, manufacturers generally do not use leather to make the sofa booth. 3, ordinary XiPi in booth are often used in the manufacturing process of sofa, XiPi booth sofa than peeling, it feels harder, glossiness is not so good, XiPi booth sofa won't appear small tears after use, but the whole harden, then split the elongated. But as long as the regular for booth sofa leather and maintenance, XiPi booth sofa or can use for a long time. And used in the production booth sofa XiPi nor ordinary XiPi, has good gloss and feel.
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