How the coffee table and booth sofa collocation?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-23
With the popularity of western food culture, coffee hot up in China, open a coffee shop also suddenly seems to be a popular investment projects. Coffee shop eat desk and chair is the coffee shop is one of the necessary facilities, and coffee table and sofa booth is the most commonly used coffee shop eat desk and chair. Today to tell you about coffee table and booth sofa collocation problems! 1, tables and chairs style coffee shop, and general dining place is different, and even western restaurant is not the same. Coffee shop is not only a food, but also a social meeting place, is a drinking, reading leisure places. So the coffee shop use the booth of sofa and table on design pay more attention to recreational sex, also pay more attention to taste. And coffee table and booth sofa collocation, booth design simple, sofa and coffee table is Jane ou feng best design in style. And if use heavy color sofa booth design, so table had better choose retro coffee table. 2, choose custom make furniture of choose and buy coffee table and sofa booth, first of all to be able to blend in the coffee shop the entire decorate environment, this is the coffee shop order table and sofa booth, advised to choose a custom tables and chairs. Because customized coffee table and coffee gets stuck, furniture designer in the design of the product will refer to the coffee shop decoration environment and space layout, and even into the coffee shop characteristic elements, so the design of the coffee table and sofa booth is the most suitable for coffee shop to the attention of the product, can achieve a perfect fit coffee tables and chairs and a coffee shop environment. Three different coffee shop, coffee shops positioning positioning, select the coffee table and sofa booth is also different. Combined with the sales department business coffee shop, for example, it gets stuck on design more high-end sofa and table, and commercial atmosphere thick; And open coffee shop near the college, use of them more leisure sofa and table delicate.
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