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How should the restaurant furniture be placed?

How should the restaurant furniture be placed?


Food is the most important thing for the people. The role of restaurants in the home is self-evident. As a space for people to enjoy food, the restaurant has a large area and a small area. How to create a comfortable dining environment through the clever selection and reasonable layout of restaurant furniture is what every family needs to consider.

Planning a practical restaurant with the help of furniture

A complete home must be equipped with a restaurant. However, due to the limited area of the house, the area of the home restaurant can be large or small.

Small household: dining room area ≤ 6 ㎡

Generally speaking, the dining room of small family may only be less than 6 square meters. You can divide a corner in the living room area, set up tables, chairs and low cabinets, and you can skillfully create a fixed dining area in a small space. For such a restaurant with limited area, folding furniture should be used more, such as folding tables and chairs, which not only saves space, but also can be used by more people at an appropriate time. A small area restaurant can also have a bar. The bar is used as a partition to divide the living room and the kitchen space without occupying too much space, which also plays the role of dividing functional areas.

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Household area of 150 m2 or above: dining room area between 6-12 M2

In homes with an area of 150 square meters or more, the restaurant area is generally 6 to 12 square meters. Such a restaurant can accommodate a table for 4 to 6 people and can also include a dining cabinet. However, the height of the dining cabinet should not be too high, as long as it is a little higher than the dining table, not more than 82 cm. In this way, the space will not be oppressed. In addition to the height of the dining cabinet, the dining room of this area is most suitable for a 4-person telescopic table with a length of 90 cm. If it is extended, it can reach 150 to 180 cm. In addition, the height of the dining table and the dining chair should also be noted. The back of the dining chair should not be more than 90cm, and there should be no armrest, so that the space will not seem crowded.

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Household above 300 square meters: dining room area ≥ 18 ㎡

A restaurant with an area of more than 18 square meters can be provided for an apartment with an area of more than 300 square meters. Large area restaurants use long tables or round tables with more than 10 people to highlight the atmosphere. In contrast to a space of 6 to 12 square meters, a large-scale restaurant must have a dining cabinet and dining chairs of sufficient height, so as not to make people feel that the space is too empty. The back of the dining chairs can be slightly higher, filling the large space from the vertical space.

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Learn to put the dining room furniture

There are two kinds of domestic restaurants: open and independent. Different types of restaurants pay attention to the selection and placement of furniture.

Open restaurant

Most of the open restaurants are connected with the living room. The selection of furniture should mainly reflect the practical functions. The number should be small, but it has complete functions. In addition, the furniture style of the open restaurant must be consistent with the style of the living room furniture, so as not to produce a sense of disorder. In terms of layout, you can choose to place in the middle or against the wall according to the space.

Independent Restaurant

The placement and arrangement of tables, chairs and cabinets in independent restaurants must be combined with the space of the restaurant, and reasonable space should be reserved for the activities of family members. For square and round restaurants, round or square tables can be selected and placed in the middle; A long table can be placed on one side of the wall or window in the narrow restaurant, and a chair can be placed on the other side of the table, so that the space will appear larger. If the table is in a straight line with the gate, you can see a family eating outside the gate. That's not appropriate. The best solution is to move the table. However, if there is really no place to move, the screen or panel wall should be rotated as a shield. This can not only avoid the door from directly facing the restaurant, but also prevent the family from feeling uncomfortable when they are disturbed.

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Audio visual wall design

Although the main function of the restaurant is dining, in today's decoration, there are more and more design methods to add audio-visual walls to the restaurant, so that residents can not only enjoy food, but also add fun to the dining time. It should be noted that there should be a certain distance between the audio-visual wall and the dining table and chair to ensure the viewing comfort. If you can't guarantee that it is more than 2 meters like the living room, you should at least guarantee that it is more than 1 meter.

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Integrated design of dining and kitchen

Others will integrate the kitchen with the dining room. This design not only saves the living space, but also makes it very easy to serve before and after meals, and provides a lot of convenience for residents. In the design, the kitchen can be fully opened and connected with the dining table and chair. There is no strict separation and boundary between them. The "interaction" formed has achieved a convenient lifestyle. If the area of the restaurant is large enough, a side cabinet can be set along the wall, which can not only help to store, but also facilitate the temporary taking of plates during meals. It should be noted that a distance of more than 80 cm should be reserved between the side cabinet and the table chair, so as to make the moving line more convenient while not affecting the function of the restaurant. If the area of the restaurant is limited and there is no extra space for the side cabinet, the wall can be considered to create a storage cabinet, which not only makes full use of the hidden space in the home, but also helps to complete the storage of pots, bowls, pots and other items. It should be noted that when making the wall storage cabinet, you must follow the advice of professionals and do not dismantle or change the bearing wall at will.

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Selection of dining room furniture

When choosing dining room furniture, in addition to considering the room area, we should also consider how many people use it and whether there are other functions. After deciding the appropriate size, we can decide the style and material. Generally speaking, the square table is more practical than the round table; Although the wooden table is elegant, it is easy to be scratched, so it needs to use a thermal insulation pad; The glass table needs to pay attention to whether it is reinforced glass, and the thickness is better than 2 cm. In addition to the complete set of dining chairs and dining tables, you can also consider buying them separately. However, it should be noted that you should not only pursue individuality, but also consider them in combination with household style.

The table and chair shall be placed in a reasonable way. When placing the tables and chairs, it shall be ensured that a width of more than 1m is reserved around the table and chair assembly, so that when people sit down, the back of the chair cannot be passed, which will affect the moving line of entering and leaving or serving. In addition, the dining chair should be comfortable and easy to move. Generally, the height of the dining chair is about 38 cm. When you sit down, you should pay attention to whether your feet can be placed on the ground; The height of the dining table should be 30cm higher than the chair, so that the user will not have too much pressure.

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