How much is the sofa bar size standard?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-30
Bar, restaurant these catering entertainment purchasing sofa is more attention to the size of the sofa, because it not only relates to bar the practicality and aesthetics of sofa, more important is relation to the number of bar to bar the sofa, and bar hospitality skills. Small make up today to introduce you to the bar the size standard of sofa. Introduce the bar before the size of the sofa, first of all we need to figure the bar sofa what are the standard size. There are a lot of people like to use a standard length, width and height to the size of a sofa, in fact this is not correct, is not accurate. Bar sofa accurate representation standard should be wide, deep, high, and the depth, width, height of chair. The width is refers to the total width - bar sofa Both sides armrest width, if there is no handrail, sofa bar width = a wide; There is a deep, general bar is sofa, the sofa the depth is the linear distance of sofa front to the back of a chair position. And work is better understood, the bar of sofa seat surface height is high, general guest convenient place leg to bar, the bar of the sofa seat all has the strict request high. In fact from the overall, we can put the bars the size of the standard is divided into two sets of sofa, one is related to bar the usability and comfort of sofa, namely bridge deep, high, wide; Another is used to measure the size of bar sofa footprint standard, namely, depth, width, height of chair. About this bar the two dimensions of sofa, the sofa product designers need to focus on both, so designed bar to sofa is comfortable, practical, and bar owners pay more attention to the latter, because that's decision to bar sofa purchase quantity and the size of the bar hospitality ability standard. Finally, introduce you to a bar the regular size of sofa! Depth bar sofa is 800 ~ 1000 mm, generally including deep for 550 ~ 700; Domestic bar sofa is 400 ~ 450 mm high. A wide size is more, because of the bar there are quite a few are more than double, sofa design, according to the different style, the sofa that span the width is larger.
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