How much is the restaurant booth size tables and chairs?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-29
The most indispensable in the modern fashion restaurant dining room furniture is mensal, eat chair, restaurant booth. Tables and chairs purchasing, dining-room decorate many restaurant owners are more concerned about the size of the restaurant booth tables and chairs. Today is to show you details about the size of the restaurant booth sofa, mensal chair. 1, the size of the booth sofa sofa is rarely used in restaurants, there are generally two kinds of single and double, two kinds of styles of them sofa here depth, height and no difference, just a wide difference. Restaurant sofa seat depth: 600 & ndash; 650 mm restaurant sofa height: 750 & ndash; Single person sofa seat width 800 mm restaurant: 550 & ndash; Double sofa seat width: 650 mm restaurant 1100 & ndash; 1250 was the style of dining table, dining table size very much, today we exclude the opposite sex, oval table, interpretation of the restaurant only two round table and square table of the most common. Which is a long table, square table ZhuoKuan said table size, and measure the round table size is the diameter of the round table. Dining table height: regular size is 700 & ndash; The most common height is 750 mm, 720 mm restaurant two round diameter: 500 & ndash; Four artificial dining-room table diameter: 800 mm 900 mm six people a dining-room table diameter: 1100 & ndash; Eight human dining-room table diameter: 1125 mm 1300 mm eight people restaurant table diameter: 1500 mm square two table size: 700 * 700 mm four people a square table size: 1200 * 700 mm six people a square table size: 1500 * 700 mm3, restaurant dining chair size than booth sofa and dining table, dining chair design will be a lot more, with the back of a chair, whether by; There are also soft bag chairs, solid wood chair; Have a curved wooden and metal chair. These different kinds of eat chair each are not identical, its form size, it is difficult to unity. Even the chair size of different design style are different. Below small make up a chair size of reference to you! Restaurant dining chair height: 750 & ndash; 790 mm restaurant dining chair sitting height: 400 & ndash; Restaurant dining chair seat depth: 450 mm 420 mm restaurant dining chair seat width: 420 & ndash; 450 mm with different basic unified style of eat chair sitting height size, eat chair other size with different design, the difference is bigger.
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