How do western restaurant tables and chairs insect-resistant eat by moth?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-11
There are many factors that can damage restaurant tables and chairs, such as moisture, mildew, sunshine, etc. , but these can be restored to a certain extent. Restaurant tables and chairs are permanent damage can not repair factor is only one, that is bug eat by moth. Want to prolong the service life of the western restaurant tables and chairs, tables and chairs of insect-resistant eat by moth of work to do! Below is a summary of western restaurant tables and chairs mothproof approach! 1 insect restaurant tables and chairs, coating of paint is not just for decoration, it is one of the important role for insect-resistant eat by moth, that is why you can see the bottom of the western restaurant tables and chairs are coated with paint on the back. With tung oil, varnish, shellac varnish coat on the surface of western restaurant tables and chairs, can effectively prevent moth eggs contact with air, so as to prevent the eggs hatch, can achieve the goal of insects. Buy pay special attention to western restaurant tables and chairs, restaurant furniture paint spraying in place, especially the tables and chairs and connection, on the back corner of the site. 2 this kind of situation is suitable for restaurant tables and chairs, deinsectization has been eat by moth. Drug use is what we call dichlorvos, agents and the proportion of water in the ratio of 1 to 5, then use spray, spray comprehensive general need to spray 3 ~ 5 times, so that the solution thoroughly penetrated into chairs and tables inside the wood. Spraying of liquid restaurant tables and chairs need put eight hours, then clean with clear water clean and dry quickly. Spraying liquid remember, cannot let the solution with the skin, can't get the solution in my eyes. 3, diesel to wipe liquid spraying liquid immersion wooden interior, and wooden chairs and tables of flooding is easy to cause deformation of western restaurant tables and chairs. So there is a way of diesel is wiped. Method is as follows: clear the tables and chairs in the sun, use brush dips in besmear of diesel will restaurant tables and chairs are all again, bask in besmear again after 2 ~ 3 hours, so even though, until the moth to die in the mouth of the cave. And then washed with detergent, dry.
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