How do new purchase a sofa?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-03
Often go to the restaurant you found? The fashion restaurant in the business circle all the chairs into the booth sofa, this not only improves the dining experience, improve the dining environment, also make whole dining room look more atmosphere. Booth sofa procurement is expensive, however, new booth sofa if improper use is easy to reduce the service life of sofa booth, about the new purchase sofa how to shake hands, small make up to action for you! 1, transportation and installation, 1) Booth sofa loading, unloading, handling, I will pay attention to the light to take light put, don't be put in place to drag, so it is easy to wear booth sofa facing, also easy to loose the entire booth structure of the sofa. ( 2) Is not a restaurant all position suits to put booth of the sofa, such as to accept the position of the sun, and often too dry, wet places. Booth sofa in these places is very easy to damage, reduce the service life of sofa booth. ( 3) Booth to finish before sofa in the restaurant floor decoration, restaurant and ensure the smoothness of the ground, put a good booth to shake after sofa sofa, see whether put smooth. Because the booth loose sofa put instability to shake a lot easier to booth internal structure, affect the service life of sofa booth. ( 4) Booth is often something and forget to clean up on the sofa, and the guest sit down if you're not careful affect not only sit feeling, more important is easy to wear fabric sofa, also easy to tick sponge broken. 2, the new purchase a sofa cleaning and maintenance paper art booth: there are a lot of restaurants like to use a wet towel touchs water clean skin art sofa booth, but although there are a lot of leather can be waterproof, but a lot of leather is not often contact with water. New skin with cotton cloth art sofa booth should be first and leather cleaner to wipe again, to achieve the goal of dust removal, decontamination. Then use maintenance oil ( Contains no wax) To maintain the whole booth sofa leather, after drying can be used. Cloth art sofa booth: new cloth art sofa booth must first dust removal process, with dedicated vacuum aspiration. But after that don't forget to use the weaving protectant spray booth sofa fabric evenly again.
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