How can we repair damaged bar tables and chairs?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-11
As entertainment, leisure places, bar under a lot of traffic, it also leads to the use of bar chairs very high frequency, easy to be damaged. Today we are going to discuss the bar table and chair is damaged after the repair work. How can we remedy bar table and chair is damaged? After furniture factory remind, scores corresponding remedial measures. 1, scratch: this is the most common way of damaged bar table and chair, if only in the surface of desk and chair, facing is scratched, so only need to use the similar color pigment filling, then fill the paint can. If the scar is deeper, may need to use lime first, and then paint. But if the bar table and chair leather or cloth is damaged, you will need to contact manufacturer to repair or replacement, in order to avoid damage to the surface. 2, hardware accessories bar furniture hardware fittings to connect to the entire structure of tables and chairs, in use process is easy to damage. The stability of the bar should be tested periodically bar tables and chairs, if there is a loose, check the hardware connection and reinforcement. And in order to prolong the service life of the hardware, maintenance of rust is one of the must work on a regular basis. 3, it is often very hot mark bar chairs and tables appear very hot mark, if just paint injury is easy to deal with, only need to use a toothpick parcel on cotton in the damaged area erasing very hot mark, then coated with a thin wax can. 4, watermark bar tables and chairs left by the watermark, the general will disappear automatically after a period of time, but if encountered stubborn watermark, you need to through the following method to remove: with a damp cloth to cover the watermark, then press wet cloth several electric iron watermark will naturally fade.
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