Household table of regular size

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-26
The table is one of the indispensable household furniture, in today's fast-paced life, the only place where the table is a lot of family reunion. For a family, the size of the table size is the key. Depending on the number of family decision, also want to decide according to the volume of household restaurant. Small make up today is to introduce you to live in regular size table. Domestic household table according to the model can be roughly divided into the square and round two. General household is the most commonly used is a square table for four, and round table of eight people. For household table size, industry, there are some general rules: household table standard height: 750 ~ 780 mm household eat chair standard height: 430 ~ 500 mm height and height difference design is most conforms to the Chinese figure, height standard, belongs to a kind of humanized design. The eat desk and chair height range is for domestic height difference, set up the north and the south. Standard of the eat desk and chair height design should be the guarantor after sit down to your feet to the ground, basic in vertical and thigh, calf, upper arm, forearm is basic in the vertical, the desktop height is just contact with the forearm parallel. And to do this, and eat chair height must be the human leg length equal, table height is equal to the height of the human body to sit down after the shoulder minus the length of the upper arm. Small make up for your next respectively introduce household round table and square table desktop size! Household round table size: 4 people who lives in round table: six people who lives in a diameter of 900 mm round table: eight people who lives in a diameter of 1100 mm round table: 1300 mm diameter 10 people who lives in round table: 1500 mm diameter 12 people a round table: household household square table size: 1800 mm diameter standard width: 800 mm table length: 800 mm, 1400 mm is important to note that when buying household table can not only consider the number of family members, because families tend to have family reunion, fete relatives and friends to have dinner in home. So try to buy a larger home table can be.
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