Hong Kong style tea dining room table size and the material classification

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-01
Hong Kong style tea dining room table size and the conventional material classification of dim sum tea restaurant table size two table size 600 * 600 * 750 mm size table for four six table size 1200 * 600 * 750 mm 1800 * 600 * 750 mm six round table size 1200 * 750 mm diameter eight round table size 1500 * 750 mm diameter more than 10 people round table size 1800 * 750 mm diameter is regular size, general furniture factory will store based on the actual size to do adjustment, but directly to the manufacturer can be custom-made. Dim sum tea restaurant table material classification table 1, fire prevention board, cost-effective, have clear wood grain manifests the antique texture, short service life, usually in about 3 years will fade even foaming convex surface, affect beautiful. 4 essence about fashion is marble, marble table feeling cold, have a dry sense; Choice is a typical Hong Kong style restaurant table, easy to clean and clear, design and color is various not bleeding long service life.
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