Fumigation wooden frame decision booth the service life of sofa!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-21
When buying sofa booth, buyers will focus on wooden sofa. But their focus mostly focus on the material of wooden frame, wooden craft and so on, but few people focus on booth sofa has been fumigated. The service life of fumigation wooden determines the booth sofa! Furniture is to use and share with you below fumigated wooden frame made of the advantages of the booth sofa! 1, fumigation wooden sofa booth is one of the advantages of insect! A lot of sofa booth is in use after a period of time will appear bug eat by moth. Of course, these insects are not to appear in the later use, but a start in the wood eggs. So no matter floors, as long as the temperature is appropriate, environment fit, booth sofa will be bred worms. And the only way to prevent booth sand worm is to destroy all the eggs, and want to achieve this effect, the only way is to fumigation of booth wood sofa, and then made booth after fumigation of wood sofa. Though, wood is a kind of natural material, elegant texture, natural advantages, such as environmental protection, but also has a wood inevitable natural defects, such as heat bilges cold shrink, which makes real wood production booth sofa structure becomes unstable. And if you use after the fumigation of wood to make a booth sofa, wooden structure will become more strong, stable. Because of long time high temperature fumigation will completely destroy the natural properties of wood. Buy booth sofa are generally places of business, or family use. But whether wholesale business place booth sofa, or of the booth of the procurement in domestic outfit sofa, is in use for a long time. If booth sofa material is not stable, it is easy to appear many problems in the process of subsequent use, booth repair and maintenance of the sofa is a large cost. And booth wooden sofa quality closes nevertheless, will shorten the service life of sofa booth, this will increase the operating costs of businesses.
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