Food booth tables and chairs

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-05
Today to bring us the design of a Nordic contracted wind food booth furniture products, its style is pure and fresh, leisure style, is the standard restaurants, business, leisure places. Let's take a look at the characteristics of this food booth tables and chairs! Features a restaurant booth furniture style is simple and easy, color fresh and not tacky. Combination of solid wood and cloth art, contracted and literature and art. Material to parse the this kind of food booth furniture product USES the combination of solid wood and cloth art, simple style and literature and art. Now prefer young people love the Nordic household style designed in simple practical don't stack, beautiful and practical. Solid wood, solid and durable, is the taste of nature, pure and fresh and healthy. A integrated sponge cushion, rebound quickly, genuine materials more secure. Guide the Nordic style small booth sofa chair, clear and concise style, solid wood modelling is simple and generous, low-key inside collect. Color is pure and fresh and natural able to bear or endure look, is the sort of small endowment the coffee shop. The restaurant booth design of contracted does not occupy a space, let it appear safe no matter where and generous: office, sweet milk tea shop, western-style coffee shop, etc all can optional collocation. Practical simplicity and small family good choice at home.
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