Folding table size is it?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-31
These table for folding sex with the advantages of saving space, very suitable for small family family. Family choose folding table is generally more concerned about the problem of the size of the table to see if its size suitable for family restaurant space. So, what's the size of the folding table? 1 square folding table size, the length and width of the square table usually is not less than 700 mm, table is too narrow is not convenient to use, otherwise both sides sitting feet also nowhere. The size of the average household commonly used folding square table for 1070 mm * 760 mm and 760 mm * 760 mm. Other special remind a, square table, especially the rectangular table legs it is best to shrink in the middle, if the four feet to install the corners of the table, use and fold will be not very convenient. 2, the size of the circular tray tables rectangular table this straight line design can give a person a kind of simple and elegant feeling, and the round table is derived from traditional Chinese, and because the round table of space utilization rate is higher, so many tray tables are round table design. Using a folding table in the family are generally not more than eight people seat design is not daily meals for family use, but in order to cope with the family suddenly visitors. But the big round table does not generally equipped with fixed eat chair, otherwise not a few. Typically use simple sits stool or folding chairs. A folding table for 1200 mm diameter, for example, if put the folding chairs can put eight, if put fixed eat chair, put six is full. 3, folding table height 720 mm, this is a folding table, table and many other types of standard height, such a height of about 450 mm on collocation of eat chair, desk and chair height difference is most suitable for eating. But according to the height of different family, and a high chair, the choose and buy of the height of the folding table should also be different. So sit down before the choose and buy the best try. Last advice: now the family restaurant space is usually rectangular three-dimensional space, so choose square table is more appropriate, now a lot of families choose a folding table is 6 square table, regular size is 1400 mm * 700 mm, this size is suitable for family use, but also can deal with 1 ~ 2 suddenly visitors to use.
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