Fast food tables and chairs is tie-in and customized guide!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-02
Fast food tables and chairs is tie-in and customized guide! Recommend { Dining-room furniture} Fast food tables and chairs is the necessary equipment, a fast food restaurant in the configuration tables and chairs, want to consider many aspects of the problem and not just to buy some fast food tables and chairs can open, want to consider and dining-room decorate a style, eat desk and chair is practical and the performance of the various aspects should be noticed. According to the grade of the fast food restaurants to match the beginning of the fast food tables and chairs, fast food seat of choose and buy time to consider the style, quantity, and grade of tables and chairs, with the size of the fast food restaurant, the scale and operation mode. Then, the configuration of the table according to the fast food restaurant business area of the size, shape, and the grade of the fast food restaurants and the management pattern, reasonable selection of counter design and arrangement of the distance between the counter, determine the position, direction and width of the channel, the final table design, specification and quantity. Mensal chair outside is round, square and rectangular table three models. In general, are more likely to put compact, long and big round table is generally cheap most fast-food chooses; And easy to take full advantage of the business area, maximize the seat number of the small square table is used to supplement edges; Square table and in the medium and small round table, this table is suitable for are spacious, can make customers feel comfortable, and can pose abound change layout, make the pattern of the fast food restaurants more emotional appeal is generally choose the more upscale restaurant. In addition, the grade of the chair and table, material, color and style to form a complete set. 2 consider the number of customers to buy eat desk and chair, the biggest seat use efficiency is one of the most important principles of fast-food business. The choice of specification table must be based on the principle of configuration. When choosing eat desk and chair specifications, we will based on the number of standard is that each table customers the biggest frequency statistics, namely repast customers most numerical number combination. 3 to choose fast food tables and chairs can be used with great flexibility imagine, we are reluctant to when dining out in a crowded restaurant, but few customers can produce a kind of fast food in fast food restaurants unwelcome atmosphere. Therefore, will be more attention on the eat desk and chair of the choose and buy, should choose to eat desk and chair can be flexible to arrange seats in fast-food restaurants. Again, due to different restaurant turnover of different categories of seat, different Numbers of customers are food and beverage category have differences, different food and beverage category need eat seat number also is different, and thus a fast food restaurant operators can reasonable arrangement according to the needs of different food and beverage category of seat. So it is very important to choose fast food tables and chairs can be used with great flexibility. 4 USES partition, partition screen to differentiate dining tables and chairs to let dining-room area overall looks great, except when choosing eat desk and chair to note that some fast food restaurants but comes with some partition, partition can be closed at ordinary times, only in time of the guests with partition. Fast food can also bring some screen or partition, if the guest few fast-food restaurants can be separated, set aside the most convenient service often open space, and separated from the balcony, after other space is not very ideal, only open in many of the guests. So, fast food business when few guests don't give a person the feeling of cold and cheerless. In fast food restaurants, use the size of the table and eat chair to flexible, should have a variety of categories, you can use the folding table so as to adapt to the needs of different reception. In addition, the number of the table and eat chair and arrangement will according to the reception in the number of categories and make appropriate design. Dongguan furniture factory provide you with a personality theme restaurants, fast-food restaurants, hotels, canteens, noodle shop, coffee, milk tea shop order wholesale service desks and chairs. Product specification: according to customers' special requirements, color size can be customized according to specific circumstances.
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