Fast food restaurants tables and chairs structure parsing!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-10
We know that fast food restaurants tables and chairs are made up of small tables and chairs parts to. These components quality determines the quality of the service life of fast-food restaurants tables and chairs and use. Then gradually resolved fast-food restaurants for you the structure of the tables and chairs, let you know more about fast-food restaurants tables and chairs. 1, desktop: table is one of the customer dining tools must be used, and the desktop will often hit by different kinds of oil, spices, but also by the high temperature of food after heating. Fast food restaurants, therefore, mensal desktop in addition to the need to have regular desktop wear-resisting, prevent scratch these characteristics, you also need to have high temperature resistant, oil resistant and waterproof quality, easy to clean. Table 2, frame, frame bearing quality and stability to a great extent, determines the service life of fast-food restaurants table. On the market, fast food restaurants table table of common are wooden and iron two kinds, including wrought iron is given priority to. High quality wrought iron table table frame should be like this:. 5 mm thickness of 48 mm diameter steel pipe with good quality and support the desktop of high-quality triangle with 4 mm thick. Table of the surface is made of high quality of antistatic coating process. 3, chair: this is simple, fast food restaurants eat chair chair surface structure is simpler, quality is also very easy, generally only need to look at the material of paper art, eat chair surface, whether there is peeling, paint whether smooth, is there any air bubbles. 4, sealing side, fast-food restaurants generally selected tables and chairs are man-made board dining tables and chairs, in the process of processing must be sealing side. This is the most prone to quality problems of fast food restaurants tables and chairs. Look at the dining room is there a case become warped, fall off, if the material of sealing side. The above basic is fast-food restaurants of the more important part in the structure of the tables and chairs. In addition to the above, as well as the quality of the metal material and links. To notice these fast-food restaurants furniture of choose and buy will not go wrong!
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