Fast food restaurants tables and chairs is best spacing size how much?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-27
Decorating restaurants tables and chairs when the boss is concerned about restaurants the size of the tables and chairs. Which in addition to the fast-food restaurants tables and chairs design size itself, the spacing dimension and fast-food restaurants tables and chairs, how many the most suitable spacing between restaurants tables and chairs? Fast-food restaurants guest unit price is not high, the profit mainly based on quantity. And fast food restaurants the size of the tables and chairs are decided the seating of the fast food restaurants, reasonable arrangement of fast-food restaurants tables and chairs spacing size can effectively promote the hospitality of fast-food restaurants ability and profitability. But if put too dense and affect the normal use of the beautiful sex of fast-food restaurants and desk and chair. How much put spacing for the most appropriate, detailed below small make up for you! In fast food restaurants tables and chairs of spacing between size can be fast table spacing, its determinants, there are two, the shape of the table size, and the size of the chair, modelling. Table for fast food restaurants are generally square table, among them, the length of the square table size: 150 cm, 165 cm, 180 cm, 210 cm, 240 cm; The width of the square table size: 76 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm, 105 cm, 120 cm. Which is the most common market several fast table size design, standard of 76 cm is fast table width size, narrow again because of fast table, the guest sat on the table when it comes to the met each other in the foot. Comply with the design standards of fast table reserved 60 ~ 80 cm distance between size is ok! Then according to the structure of the restaurant a few tables spliced together, this can be the most effective use of interior space in fast-food restaurants. Put the fast food restaurants, of course, don't ever forget the reserved channel tables and chairs, otherwise the guest is not convenient in and out, and the staff were unable to delivery. Above is the conventional fast-food restaurants spacing dimension tables and chairs, but some fast-food restaurants now use the visitors for booth sofa. Below we introduce fast-food restaurants booth tables and chairs spacing dimension problems. Use the booth size based on booth sofa sofa of fast-food restaurants spacing reference, without reserve size between two neighbor ( Some booth is double sofa sofa) , while sitting in the booth to reserve spacing between sofa usually is 180 cm, the distance between the table and the booth is 30 cm ~ 50 cm.
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