Family restaurant with booth sofa?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-18
Initially, booth sofa only in the restaurant business, and then extended to the general business areas and public places. Today, booth sofa has entered innumberable families, and family dining room, porch together. Today to introduce you to the family restaurant with them the advantages and disadvantages of sofa. 1, family restaurant at the beginning of the use of the advantage of booth sofa booth sofa design is one of the purpose of saving space, improve the comfortable seating. So, one of the advantages of using booth sofa is in the family restaurant to a great extent, save a space, can make more reasonable use of household space. For small family household use booth sofa, to save space and increase the ability to receive a space. Compared with common dining chair, booth sofa comfort has been improved a lot, to household to create a more comfortable space. Booth sofa also has the very good adornment sex. Family use booth are generally solid wood sofa booth, surface after blister process, booth sofa a Nordic amorous feelings to household adornment effect. So families' seats sofa is not only suitable for a variety of family household, also have feelings of the people use right. 2, family restaurant booth use booth sofa sofa short of potential family restaurant has many benefits, but there are always two sides to everything, good will bad, then to introduce you to family use booth the shortcomings of sofa. ( 1) Families build booth sofa far more than is commonly decorate expensive, so if the decoration budget is tight, then don't consider using booth sofa. ( 2) There are a lot of booth sofa is the use of man-made board base material, this to the detriment of the household. But, if you choose booth of completely real wood sofa cost will be very high. ( 3) Restaurant booth is usually fixed furniture, sofa is combined with the wall to use, so mobile flexibility is bad.
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