Factors affect the price of booth sofa sofa factory will teach you how to food and beverage

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-03
Now blossoming catering industry, in order to attract guests, style is becoming more and more diverse, in the aspect of dining room furniture is becoming more and more praise highly customized, especially restaurant sofa, the sofa of a suitable quality not only can let a guest comfortable dining, also can promote the class restaurant style. Many restaurant boss is focus on restaurant tables and chairs order price. So when custom-built restaurant sofa, determine the price factor is the? 1. Style sofa, the sofa price is depends on the product design, process complex labor costs will be higher and higher, the price is relatively more expensive. 2. Material, different material price also is not the same, high density sponge or doll cotton prices will be higher than shoddy sponge renewable sponge etc. Fabrics, genuine leather, microfiber leather, PU leather, XiPi quality such as the price is there's a big difference. So when custom-made sofa, be sure to find out what use material. 3. Internal structure, internal normal sofa should be the real wood frame, nail quality laminated on the skeleton, which ensures that the stability of sofa, but some manufacturers in order to save the cost would be with plywood directly through corner connection, make sofa frame. In fact, the life of the structure of the lack of real wood frame sofa a quarter of the life. 4. Number, because it is customized product, so the greater the number of the production cost will be low, the price will be cheaper. 5. When order restaurant furniture will shop around, not only than the price, more than the quality of work. See material pledge process is the same. For restaurant furniture, small make up can be directly consulting restaurant furniture.
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