Fabrics of cloth art sofa booth explanation

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-22
Booth in general can be divided into cloth art sofa booth, paper art gets stuck, and solid wood booth. Cloth art sofa booth because style warmth, the modelling changeable, by a great number of food, especially the cafes, tea restaurant, western restaurant. But do you know? Cloth art sofa is also have a lot of classification. The classification principle of cloth art sofa booth itself is classified according to the sofa fabric, but in fact, cloth art sofa booth is to distinguish between the fabrics, such as custom cloth art sofa booth, we prepared for the customer is much more than dozens of cloth fabrics, and each kind of fabrics of cloth art exhibit features are different. In general, the fabrics of cloth art sofa booth can be divided into the following four categories: 1, flannel fabric flannelette is one of the most commonly used fabric cloth art sofa booth, its soft texture, and is quite flexible, a sliding handle let it is enjoyed by many buyers booth sofa. But relative to other fabrics of cloth art, flannelette booth sofa price slightly more expensive. And velvet fabrics also is not invariable, since the past gaudy corduroy elegant faux suede, flannel fabrics have been fashionable, constantly change. 2 is the most natural, pure cotton fabrics, pure cotton fabrics, one of the most comfortable fabric, made of pure cotton fabric sofa booth has excellent permeability, close skin and environmental protection. And made of pure cotton fabrics' seats sofa is very sturdy, in normal use process, and in the process of cleaning is not easy to be damaged. Pure cotton fabrics' seats sofa is also the most can give a person warm sense of sofa products, so a lot of decorate a warm sweet shop, coffee shop will use cotton fabric sofa booth. 3, blended fabrics blended is a variety of fabrics, the use of blended fabric production booth in can show silk sofa, can show the flannelette, can also show the hemp material visual, and tactile effect. So, in the market, almost convincing blended fabrics. 4, cotton and linen fabrics, they are natural materials of two kinds of typical materials, linen is a kind of abrasion resistance and flexibility on other approved material qualitative, and with a strong thermal conductivity, can have the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer. But linen booth sofa comfort and poor skin sex.
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