Double booth sofa

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-12
Booth the comfort and decorative higher than ordinary eat chair of sofa, space utilization and higher than general restaurant sofa, so now a lot of restaurants will choose booth sofa as visitors. As a professional catering furniture brand furniture factory, made for the national market to provide booth sofa, wholesale services. Today to bring us a double booth sofa for your evaluation. The dimensions for the guests first bring the double booth sofa size information. This kind of double booth size ( Length * width * height) 120 cm * 65 cm * 85 cm, 45 cm high. Booth size color support custom sofa, in addition to this sofa booth, we have hundreds of booth sofa for guests to choose from. Have booth sofa order requirements of the guests site calls welcome advice customer service, for product pictures and price list. Features of this double booth sofa USES curved back line design, scattered back pressure. Comfortable soft package sponge, solid and durable toughness is dye-in-the-wood. The PU material, feel is exquisite and beautiful color. Design highlights this sofa adopts double booth design, very concise and easy, is the form of a cushion + a back of a chair, and the brick is solid color, show the life of contracted style. Curved back line, back arc joint human body, can be just the right amount of relying on human back, feeling safe and comfortable. The PU material, feel comfortable is exquisite, colour and lustre is bright beautiful easy to do. Qualitative analytical booth sofa decorative surface are all PU material, feel is exquisite and comfortable, colour and lustre is beautiful, and leather and leather is very similar, and easy to do, bring home fashion and elegant taste. Solid rubber solid wooden feet, bearing. Growth in subtropical rubber wood, furniture made with its texture beautiful at the same time, uniform texture, colour and lustre is beautiful and good abrasion resistance, high plasticity is easy to maintain. Brand story furniture factory ( Belong to the factory's dining furniture brand) Founded in the early 21st century, is a set design, production, sales and the integration of custom furniture factory, in service to commercial customers as own duty, make a high standard of appearance, quality furniture products. A product from the design manuscript, from the choice of wood and leather, coupled with exquisite workmanship finished product, through more than twenty process of continuous improvement, produce to meet the requirements of wo lu, the quality of furniture.
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