Dongguan restaurant furniture market

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-04
In dongguan buy restaurant tables and chairs is impossible not to know, the parent brand, she is also the dongguan local tables and chairs furniture brand. In dongguan and even the whole country, in the field of furniture design are very grab an eye. It related to the development history of it. Have a friend needs can call website to make an appointment to see the product directly, ask price, product information. Today we bring you our carefully designed a restaurant tables and chairs for the guest. Is in the picture above the western restaurant tables and chairs. Below we detail explain the characteristics of it for you. Fortunately, where 1, USES leather seats, hollow out of the chair all show elegant and romantic. 2 + metal sleeve, white oak chair leg, light much aestheticism, sturdy and durable. 3, marble table, having a thick component, texture upscale. Design highlights this is a romantic only beautiful combination of western restaurant eat desk and chair, USES chair, quality high-grade, back to hollow out design, but the overall package is very good, comfort is not compromised, and accord with human body engineering, people can sit on it very relaxing to depend on the back of the chair, let a guest sit comfortable elegant. Four oak chair legs, at the bottom of the package set of gold-plated metal foot, not only look more lightsome, has increased the chair leg wear resistance and the bearing quality, to ensure more sturdy. Form a complete set of table with small square table, small round and rectangular table, three kinds of metal base + marble mesa, leather chair to bring out the best in each other, suitable for light much wind of western restaurant, coffee shop, etc. Qualitative analysis of eat chair leather for the frosted texture of import microfiber leather, thick wear-resisting, easy to do, and feel comfortable, simple sense of high-grade, the most suitable for senior restaurant this place for foot traffic; Internal filled with high density sponge, soft hard moderate, elasticity and permeability is good, four chair legs are imported white oak solid wood, oak stable performance, powerful guarantee chair bearing, foot set of gold-plated metal material is qualitative, wear-resisting stability is good, and do not fade, no rust, deformation, simple sense, a senior. Table desktop for thickening artificial marble slab, texture clear, color and exquisite, strong wear resistance. Base for yellow titanium plating, do not fade not rusting, solid strong.
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