Dongguan overwhelming food court appeal

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-31
The most popular cuisine street ( Restaurant furniture custom-made factory) Self-recommendation restaurant furniture custom eat desk and chair made factory tell you what food make your mouth water 1, south gate a fang gourmet tourist night market review: south gate a fang food tourist night market, dongguan first tourist night market street food, with foods of amorous feelings of southeast Asia countries, as well as the domestic food and so on, the sightseeing street will become the dongguan amorous feelings of the most dramatic positions. Phoenix road 2, the phoenix food court review: the characteristics of the food court is more large restaurants, hotels, with the original abalone, shark's fin, bird's nest as the main characteristics, relative to different types of snack food court appear some high-end. 3, fuyong Taiwan food court phoenix gourmet street is located in dongguan city baoan fuyong phoenix phoenix mountain community street avenue, total length of 586 meters, the total area of the road 3. 80000 square meters, dongguan is the first article mainly Taiwan gourmet food street. Food court brings together the most authentic Taiwanese food. All shops by the Taiwanese camp, the introduction of Taiwan native ingredients, technology, and domestic famous brands, such as: milkfish, squid soup, oyster omelet, bear seed surface wheel, pearl milk tea, cake and other representative Taiwanese snacks. Food quality and cheap, people in Taiwan gourmet taste at the same time, more can experience the human culture of Taiwan. 4, yantian seafood street review: this street food pavilion is a two-storey houses built along the coastline, all the top terraces, mainly hakka and chaoshan flavor flavor more, now catch now sell only for simple steamed seafood, delicious, and keep the nutrition. Yantian is their duty-free import seafood distribution, seafood, on this side of the basic supply in the national market, a lot of seafood tricky. 5, shekou food court review: shekou gourmet street, with Chinese cuisine, more from the United States, Italy, Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, Australia and so on dozens of restaurants bars around the world. Can taste the Japanese, southeast Asian curry, French cuisine, American steak, Australian sheep legs, experience different region amorous feelings from all over the world.
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