Do old leather sofa made | music theme restaurant first!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-28
Guide language: the effect of sofa is mainly reflected in the fabrics of sofa, the sofa of the same structure with different fabrics made effect is completely different, to share with you today to Mr Fukuda clients we do a music under the theme restaurants do old leather sofa armrest order effect. 。 。 。 。 。 1, the internal structure of sofa: our restaurant furniture factory all the internal structure of sofa booth using the same material, most customers can accept within the scope of the material, dry miscellaneous wood real wood frame, the side with 12 mm thick sandwich plate, back with 9 mm thick laminated, sit with 15 mm thick laminated board, followed by high rebound sponge soft bag packing, 40 density sponge density ( Hong Kong or foreign restaurants with fireproof sponge) 2, sofa fabrics: most of the ordinary tea restaurant, western restaurant, coffee shop with warm color of leather or cloth art, some music theme restaurants or roast will choose to do old vintage leather, as is shown in the chart above, this is for Mr Fukuda, a music theme customized armrest sofa, choose the old leather, the effect with the decoration is very take tone. Our factory can according to customer's different material, size, style, craft structure tailor-made for restaurants, dongguan restaurant can do plane figure is put free on-site measurements. More restaurant furniture and sofa order please refer to our detailed consultation: WeChat with number
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