Disposable cloth sofa booth?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-27
Cloth art sofa booth to restaurant brings a feeling of warmth, downy, many USES for the sweet shop, restaurant is cloth art sofa booth. But, cloth art sofa booth has the defects of a restaurant boss have a headache, it is not easy to dirty after processing. Unlike paper art sofa booth, stained with cotton cloth to wipe clean. Given this weakness, now in the market there is a booth disposable cloth sofa, the sofa is really able to disposable? Below we together and see it! Disposable cloth sofa booth, just as its name implies, is the booth so as not to wash cloth fabric sofa products, the difference between it and common cloth art sofa booth also differences in the fabric. Its the biggest characteristic is the stain on the sofa after don't need to be cleaned, only need to gently wipe. The use of many booth sofa is a great temptation, the restaurant saves a lot of trouble for restaurants, also saves them the maintenance costs of sofa. Want to know, open a restaurant is the most troublesome condiment oil, dirty restaurant, restaurant booth tables and chairs are the most easy to dirty place, cloth art sofa booth stained more trouble. Disposable cloth sofa booth if it can achieve the effect of propaganda, so is a Gospel for many restaurants. So, this kind of disposable cloth booth just really able to disposable sofa? It has what other features? The so-called disposable cloth is actually in the surface of cloth to make a thin pu coating, to achieve the waterproof, dustproof, low adsorption properties. Disposable cloth actually have long been used in garment industry, now buy a lot of outdoor sports clothes are disposable cloth is made and be become. And made of disposable cloth sofa booth, to a great extent, indeed have & other Disposable & throughout; Features. Because when splashed with oily be soiled, dirt gets stuck on the surface of the sofa, pu layer on the surface of the disposable cloth began to work, to prevent stains infiltrated cloth inside, this time as long as with adsorption good dry cotton cloth to wipe clean. But disposable cloth sofa booth is not without its own drawbacks, such as its permeability is poor, and the effective use period is short, use disposable cloth sofa booth after a period of time will lose & other; Disposable & throughout; The effect.
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