Dining table made | and design to find manufacturers!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-25
Dining table made | and design to find manufacturers! Foreword: the dining room table with round well; Restaurant as a sweet and comfortable dining area, a lot of people pay more attention to the feng shui of the restaurant, do you know about the shape of the table? Table summarizes the different styles of dining room furniture design for the effects of feng shui: ( Dining-room furniture order http://). 一个。 Elliptic table; Use the oval table, from the results that will become more fashion trend, but from the point of view layout it will waste of space, elliptic table occupy space larger than a square table, of course, for restaurant area is quite spacious and can choose to order elliptic table! B。 The round table; Round table is more suitable for rooms to use because it's verve and the effect is more modest, and in the space that belongs to a private room, suitable for one of leadership or pr communication places, to facilitate communication and communicate with each other. C。 Polygon table; Polygon if the table is the most is not suitable for use in general traditional restaurant, the table generally applicable to the pursuit of personalized and younger restaurant in mix some personalized eat chair effect will be better. D。 A square table; Generally applies to two personal square table, generally applies to tea restaurant, western restaurant, coffee shop, or screen in the most common in the lobby of the restaurant, needing those who remind everybody is table for two is not suitable for booth sofa collocation, should match eat chair is beautiful. E. Rectangle table, square table usually apply to four seats, generally applicable to the tea restaurant, western restaurant, coffee shop, Chinese restaurant, generally put against the wall of the most common in the restaurant, here with a table for two on the contrary, it is not fit to put chairs, more suitable for booth sofa collocation is the atmosphere.
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