Dining room furniture in the booth to choose leather or cloth art sofa is good?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-25
Abstract: in the dining room furniture sofa booth many users friends struggle in the custom don't know is between the fabrics of leather or cloth fabric choice, some customers will think bad leather can peel, but again afraid to dirty cloth art, so usually difficult to make a decision at this time, this kind of phenomenon according to the dining room furniture small make up today to everyone about the leather and cloth art the advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of fabrics. 1, the advantages and disadvantages of booth sofa leather fabric, we can see the other restaurant furniture choosing leather is the most commonly, the first restaurant is a public place, if something dirty or clear soup poured on top and easier to clean, as long as cloth gently wipe up. Does have some bad leather is there are skin desquamate phenomenon, this depends on you to choose what kind of manufacturer to custom, some bad a few dollars a meter of that kind of leather is certainly very poor quality, with six months or so commonly can appear all sorts of problems, the second is the leather feels is relatively cold, if some restaurants such as cafe, suggested that choose warm color is better. 2, the advantages and disadvantages of booth cloth art sofa cloth art sofa booth or a single and a sofa in high-grade leisure restaurant or coffee shop to choose more, we can see that starbucks, with linen is high end, because the cafe generally don't like some tea food, western food, Chinese food or the furniture of hunan museum, the restaurant to eat at any time may be more or more easily dirty cloth art, relative to the coffee shop is much better, and refurbished fabrics is also very simple, now even if dirty it will not be able to renovate can continue to use again. Choice, of course, what material is to look at the owner's requirements completely, if you want to just choose cloth art can also be cloth art, just good maintenance, two kinds of material of the fabric anyway each have each advantage, our factory recently new out of a material is artificial leather, but the fabric is the fabric texture, feel now has just launched soon, like customers friends can come to factory to see material color, finally choose what fabric this also depends on the overall layout of your restaurant? Welcome to comment, thank you!
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