Dining-room decorate and decorate collocation

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-02
Restaurant furniture recommend eat desk and chair factory custom-made dining room furniture such as ark of mensal, eat chair and dining, the location of them and adornment, should people walk and use convenience. 1, the ground floor restaurant space decoration materials, is first selection material with all sorts of ceramic tile. This kind of decoration materials must wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure dirty, prevent slippery, easy to clean. 2 furniture, dining room furniture is mainly ark of mensal, eat chair and dining etc. , the location of them and adornment, should cater for the needs of people walking around with. The material of furniture with real wood is advisable. Have a sense of affinity of solid wood furniture, environmental protection from the mountains, with natural breath, absorb in a breath. Dining-room furniture and tonal general appropriate chooses relatively neutral, especially in the natural wood color, sedate color such as brown, black is beautiful, try to avoid using too bright-coloured, the color of the stimulus. Dining-room metope color can make an issue of, such as matching furniture, choose anacreontic and tonal, such as white, light orange, flaxen, at the same time of give a person with warm feeling, increase the diners. In addition, still can use light to adjust indoor colour atmosphere, by its role as furniture and whole metope to our feelings.
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