Dining room chair _ the highest ratio of custom-made furniture

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-30
Popular in domestic if what type of restaurant most often think of cantonese cuisine, hunan cuisine, private kitchens, hakka dishes, etc. , the Chinese have a habit is dinner, at the feast the friends and relatives will get together, the type of restaurant here have one thing in common have a variety of rooms, today to share a our furniture to customers customized room chairs. 。 。 。 。 。 The eat chair by rubber wood real wood frame, all joints are wood tenon structure, USES the import AB glue ingredient, sturdy and durable quality and reliable; Wooden line according to the human body engineering design, sit feels comfortable, eliminate long time sit lie fatigue, used for room is at the right. As can be seen from the side we are on the soft bag work perfect acme, cushion central bulge full, we adopt is one inch high density high rebound sponge, stretch reached more than 100000 times, cable strands around edges, leather is 80 yuan for a foot microfiber leather, second only to the leather quality, the most cost-effective. We have physical showroom, if you like friends can come to factory experience.
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