Dim sum tea restaurant furniture customization combined with a unique culture of Hong Kong!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-02
Dim sum tea restaurant furniture customization combined with a unique culture of Hong Kong! Recommend tea restaurant furniture custom dim sum tea restaurant is developed in Hong Kong in half a century ago, it was at the time of Hong Kong restaurant more cases, turned up in the face of civilian consumption group is a simplified version of western restaurant. Lower consumption relative to the western restaurant, can attract more public spending. The integration of communication as the food culture in recent years, Hong Kong style tea restaurant in inland China also gradually developed, more have a prairie fire. 's side tea restaurant is a trendy dim sum tea restaurant, for the culture of Hong Kong, mainly Hong Kong cantonese food and sweet drinks, the purpose is to make a tea restaurants with temperature. This case shun city shopping center is located in kunming, yunnan, is set leisure entertainment, shopping consumption, tourism as one of the birthplace of fashion. Around the village, the traffic is good, the geographical position is superior. In this case, art ding designers use delicate and simple design to interpret & other 's side & throughout; The brand culture. Through space in the form of stress, strengthen the visual effect, use of color and material properties, at the same time build a young fashion, comfortable and lively repast space. Space is fundamental key with warm gray, with the green collocation of fine brass to interpret Hong Kong impression that restore ancient ways, also let whole space look comfortable and bright, for consumers to keep happy mood. Regard to the hard outfit, art designers use the terrazzo tile ground, rice white texture paint with copper yellow color steel, marble table surface, gray and other materials, let whole space look delicate and concise. Using soft outfit has four feet stools and cloth art to increase the feeling of the space, dark gray cushion in the light color space more show class, hall of marble table surface, contracted and does not lose contemporary sense, forming stands in sharp contrast to Hong Kong with nostalgia, add for the space is not the same. To embody the unique culture in Hong Kong, according to many years of experience in the marble table custom furniture and Hong Kong street signs were extracted from tea restaurant furniture production summary for chandelier hangs in the space formed in the case of a major bright spot, in combination with the cultural elements in Hong Kong at the same time reveals the modern breath. In addition, the designer is on the sofa booth area use wood veneer with metope, spelling a flower for the space added some art. Adhering to our factory & other; Made fun & middot; Build good & throughout; Design concept, insist to do have a soul of dim sum tea restaurant furniture factory, the eat desk and chair of providing quality custom service!
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