Dim sum tea restaurant booth sofa table put effect to film

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-03
Dim sum tea restaurant booth sofa table put effect will guide language: believe many fans know tea restaurant, classic Hong Kong style tea restaurant will be equipped with booth sofa and the table, such as too xing tea restaurant, superior product pavilion tea restaurant, deep beauty tea restaurant, a tea tea restaurant, etc. How customized manufacturer or will ask professional restaurant furniture is put to the spot after double feet out of the plane figure is put do. 。 。 。 。 。 1, a beautiful environment of Hong Kong style tea restaurant, will attach great importance to booth chair, sofa and dining table for this on to the whole image of Hong Kong style tea restaurant, today small make up to share part of the furniture factory case will figure dim sum tea restaurant booth sofa table put effect to film pictures, hope you can like it. 2, the Hong Kong style tea dining room table is artificial marble material, the material of the dining room table in daily use is very good to do, but also can let a person look more called white mesa clean. 3, tea restaurant booth sofa modelling is soft bag + plate structure, side and bottom of plate frame structure played a adornment effect, soft package material booth sofa is very comfortable to sit up, so can improve the guest satisfaction. Four, six artificial marble table equipped with two sets of 450 mm round cast iron plate, so that we can ensure that the table structure more stable, came out from the above we can see the booth combination sofa table look really is very beautiful. 5, the Hong Kong style restaurant also configured with two groups of semi circular booth sofa, the arc booth combination sofa chairs can meet more than a meal at the same time, so the configuration is necessary to such furniture combination, its usefulness is also very good. Return the product catalog to learn more about tea restaurant tables and chairs
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