Different materials of the booth sofa maintenance method

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-18
Booth used in the sofa in the restaurant is very popular. However, different materials of the booth sofa need to maintain, there are different ways to keep the booth the beautiful sex of sofa, prolong the service life of the booth. 1, paper art booth sofa maintain booth that the modelling concise, easy and paper art design is very match, paper art booth sofa can promote the class of the restaurant and the most fashionable feeling. That is why now fashionable restaurant many are using paper art booth the cause of the sofa. Then, paper art sofa booth should be how to maintain? Paper art has very good waterproof, so the usual maintenance is simple. First dab with a sponge clean agent again, and then use on the surface of booth sofa leather care agent to wipe one to two times, so that we can in the future in the use process, avoid the pores of dirt into the leather. And paper art booth sofa cleaning job at ordinary times is also very simple, only need to use clean cloth to wipe. 2, cloth art sofa booth maintenance of cloth art sofa booth now catering places use frequency, although not as good as paper art booth, but milk tea shop in these places, use cloth art sofa booth or more. Cloth art sofa booth are generally can change the design, and custom manufacturer will provide customers with multiple sets of sofa cover, for your change. As for the cloth art sofa booth at ordinary times maintain, are generally adopts vacuuming processing, vacuum once a week. 3, solid wood sofa booth to maintain solid wood sofa booth is designed using solid loading, generally usually fixed on the wall, corner position. This design is not common in the restaurant business, but in the family restaurant, there are a lot of such a design porch place. Generally booth in combination with cushions and pillows are used together. As for solid wood sofa booth maintenance, you just need to dust every day, but once a year the wax is essential to the maintenance.
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