Dermal sofa booth kind leather are there?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-01
All gets stuck in the sofa leather sofa booth as the most honorable, not only the highest cost, cost and best quality. Dermal sofa booth and other paper art gets stuck, and cloth art sofa booth difference only lies in the booth of the fabric. So, making leather booth leather sofa, there is what kind? 1, luxurious leather & ndash; — The original green husk the original green husk is the most expensive leather on the market, not only because it is rare, more important is the original green husk booth sofa has very many advantages: cortical toughness good, feel soft, elastic, color shades and clear, beautiful texture, permeability is good, good gloss. Although the original green husk booth sofa quality excellent, Gu Yuan green husk are extremely rare, in the process of the whole production leather cannot have scars, the original leather quality requirement is very high, so the original green husk, despite its many advantages, but the holder of the original green husk sofa on the market price is very expensive. In addition, the original green husk booth sofa while quality is good, but the maintenance request is higher, cannot use water and chemical cleaning, otherwise there will be a black scar, can't remove. Booth sofa can only use clean cloth to wipe clean the original green husk, or is the use of special tools to clean. 2, high-quality leather & ndash; — Full green husk full green husk booth is also a better quality sofa sofa, second only to the original green husk sofa products. Booth in the market, the entire green husk sofa price isn't cheap, but in the process of making them all green husk sofa, leather need to carry on the fine grinding before use. Grinding process can be used to smooth scars that, let the whole sofa looks more perfect. All green husk booth sofa handle delicate, soft, and has good air permeability. Booth booth with the original green husk sofa, all green husk sofa also can't meet water and chemical reagents. 3, beautiful and practical leather & ndash; — Embossing leather embossing leather material is a kind of half green husk, and only slightly with the original green husk burnish all green husk, embossing depth has to be practical words must be conducted for leather leather polishing. And for the sake of the beautiful sex requirement, embossing leather need even thickness on the leather surface texture, to cover the original defective scars, pore. The name of the embossed leather is also. Compared with the above two kinds of leather, embossed leather production booth sofa quality of a material is hard, and are much less to maintain standards, as long as they don't use alkaline reagents clean can.
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