Dermal sofa booth hierarchies

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-02
Buy leather sofa booth, guests asked t is usually the first sentence: & other; Your booth sofa is this real leather? ” , it seems only leather, artificial leather, two leather sofa booth. But do you know? There is a hierarchy of dermal sofa booth itself. To make them sofa leather material on the market basically is cow leather, multilayer segmentation will be carried out in a piece of leather to the market to make leather of the dermal sofa booth with head layer cowhide, floor leather, even the division of layers of skin. The first layer cowhide booth sofa best quality. Because of the first layer of leather production booth sofa good toughness and elasticity, used for a long time not easy also craze damage, is a production of high-grade leather art booth the fabrics of sofa, Identify the first layer of leather method is very simple, with a special magnifying glass can clearly see the head the pores of the skin layer and folds) 。 Skin on the second floor is the next layer out from the first layer of skin leather, in general, a layer of cowhide can only cut into two layers, and layer leather is what remains after one has cut turn around skin leather, while the second skin tension and toughness than head floor leather, but the surface coating treatment after second floor leather on the handle and beauty are not belong to the first layer of skin, also be more precious fabrics. Market top layer leather and leather production booth although generally referred to as the leather sofa gets stuck on the second floor sofa, but on the material performance difference is very big, but the difference is on the market price of differences has nearly doubled. So the choose and buy must carefully distinguish between dermal sofa booth, merchants of dermal sofa booth used is the first layer of leather or second leather, whether there is a shoddy behavior, even if genuine leather. Resolution levels: dermal sofa booth fabric hand twist its booth sofa leather, soft and resilient is the head layer cowhide, and it also can distinguish booth sofa leather is made of large pieces of leather, or a small piece of leather stitching. But this kind of method to distinguish booth sofa leather grade will need to rely on rich experience.
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