Customized booth sofa to consider human body engineering design

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-17
For custom furniture, especially the visitors custom will surely have heard of human body engineering design. So what is the human body engineering design? Why want to consider the human body engineering design customized booth sofa? Booth is furniture sofa, but first of all, is a tool, then use is the first natural properties. Which might affect the use quality of besides booth sofa the most basic quality factor, and comfort. The human body engineering design is based on the perspective of the booth sofa comfort. Some people think booth only involves the human body engineering design of the sofa booth the size of the sofa, but in fact, human body engineering design is involves all aspects of the booth design sofa. First of all, the booth of the sofa, wide, deep, high seat surface and the Angle of the back of a chair design, this is the first on the one hand affect the booth sofa of human body engineering design. High design need to be able to let a person to sit down after the foot to hit the ground, but also cannot too short, lead to the legs can't stretch. The right height to give a person the most comfortable posture. And deep and backrest Angle is related to the human body posture condition can rely on very well. A deep too deep people sit down on less than after the back of a chair, the right back Angle design, let a person can get more comfortable, reduce the pressure of the hips. Sofa will be getting stuck commonly adopt surface design, its curvature size is designed according to the human body vertebra, such people sat down to 100%, back and back so that the pressure in the body to the back and hip, rather than local extrusion forming. Booth sofa brings not only human body engineering design is the most comfortable feeling of sitting, and the most healthy posture. Booth sofa design refers to the human body engineering, of course, is not simply modelling design, material also have high requirements for booth sofa. Not only face, back of a chair to be soft and comfortable, the fabric also need close skin, health,.
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