Customized booth sofa four key points

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-20
Furniture is a professional booth custom-made sofa manufacturer, provide various styles of them sofa custom, wholesale services. Today small make up made for share holder sofa four key points, to help you choose the most appropriate sofa products. 1, the fabrics not only see the colors you booth sofa of choose and buy when ever to do so? Only by phase a booth at a glance! Many consumers believe that this worked. So what is the reason? Is nothing more than 'seats sofa modelling satisfied, color is in line with their own tastes. In this remind, choose 'seats sofa, watching fabrics is not just the color! Whether cloth, or paper art, booth sofa fabrics on the market is very rich, paper art is divided into a lot of kinds, cloth art is as many as dozens of. Assign each booth sofa fabric texture characteristics, see if they have their own care, such as whether to back washed, whether fade, whether solid, how close skin sex and so on. And even the same kind of material of the fabric, cloth art, for example, their quality is also different, requires careful observation booth when consumer choose and buy of sofa fabrics textile process, the fabric is fine, is easy to damage. And, apart from the fabric itself, booth sofa fabrics interface suture technique, and the quality of the zipper, these also should focus on the part of consumers. 2, booth a sofa frame must be fumigated booth include are generally adopt wooden frame design, superior quality of them will choose real wood sofa. As long as you don't think these wood cutting, saw cutting molding after can use. Real high quality solid wood sofa booth include selection of all of them are after fumigation of wood. The benefits of this treatment is in fungi, bacteria, can kill wood borers, and destroy the natural properties of wood. So the wood production after the fumigation booth sofa is not easy to decay, not the worm, stable structure, is not affected by temperature to produce the advantage of heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon. Especially our friends in the south, if choose the booth sofa, advised to choose a hard miscellaneous wood, and birch material booth sofa, will be more durable.
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