Customized booth new style sofa _ take the restaurant furniture partition screen!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-28
Abstract: leisure restaurant pay attention to the privacy of consumer changes, a lot of time to see many restaurant booth sofa are fitted with high partition, screen furniture today unveiled a built-in screen partition booth sofa, hope you like them. Why do you want to make screen partition? There are two reasons, first is a very good distinguish across the sense that gives a person is much better, a lot of people pay attention to privacy. The second is the booth sofa height is in commonly 1000 - mm 1100 mm between, an adult to sit on will exceed the sofa height above the neck, especially the sofa of the back-to-back, carelessly bumped into the other side of the guests, very embarrassed. If like above, we do the screen partition will not have this kind of situation.
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