Customized booth can't ignore the details of the sofa

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-03
Buy booth sofa products are nothing more than a gang get the cash on delivery. Customized booth sofa, booth sofa factory early for guests to provide product design drawings, after signing the contract began to formal production product. Such changes are likely to make many twists and turns, appeared in the process of customized booth sofa today small make up for you on the custom-built booth sofa need to be aware of some of the details, to avoid trouble, more to avoid being disingenuous. 1, strict regulations of the material order booth special of sofa is not only the style of the sofa booth can be customized, and even make them the raw material of sofa, even technology can be chosen by guests themselves. On the booth sofa procurement contract, the guest must be on the booth sofa USES each kind of material to carry on the strict rules. Booth gallows: such as solid wood sofa, can't realistic wooden frame directly, or the eucalyptus wood shelves of completely real wood, but should be stipulated clearly on the material and technology of the wooden frame: eucalyptus wood real wood include fumigation dehydration. Sponge: a soft package design of the booth sponge sofa need if there are many kinds of, that many of the sponge density, species are different. So not only in the booth sofa procurement contract provisions with high density sponge, medium density sponge, etc. , but to the category of sponge and density has a clearly defined, such as the native sponge 36 kg/m3. Fabrics: booth fabric rough points to no more than is cloth art sofa, paper art, but in fact used as a sofa cloth have dozens of, there are many kinds of leather also. Should use of booth sofa fabric type and color have detailed provisions, even the fruit of the fabric factory will also clear. 2, the size of the booth a sofa size problem gets stuck on the product design drawings have strict rules, but rules and booth sofa products factory produced drawings tend to have certain error, this is normal phenomenon. But if the error is too big? The factory and the guest will, however, the reason is the reasonable error range is not a strict rules. So the order need to booth sofa sofa booth contract size error rules clear, general error within 5 mm or 20 mm. Finally want to mention is off color problem, this is for online purchase from the perspective of the guests' seats sofa. Shooting out a product color difference between pictures and real product is normal, before the formal order booth sofa is best left to the factory to provide a color or an on-the-spot investigation before deciding whether to order.
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