Custom table chair maintenance small tips!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-31
Restaurant use frequency is high, it is essential to maintain daily, restaurant BOSS need to master the restaurant furniture maintenance skills summary about what time, hope to help you: 1. The use of heat or napkin pad to prevent hot gas or oil pollution damage to the desktop table. 2. Keep table desktop dry. After a meal can be used with a slightly damp soft cloth to wipe, and then immediately with dry towel dry; Is dirty, you can use a neutral detergent, in a ratio of 1:20 blend to wipe, clean water, then dry desktop. 3. Solid wood table, can maintain the last oil or wax every six months. 4. If it is seemingly smooth with fireproof desktop, or avoid hard or sharp contact, in order to avoid damage to the lacquer that bake. 5. Acid and alkali resistant glass desktop, can use the spray light. 6. Hotel dining chair than other chair easy access to the oil, so usually will qijia wiped, avoid oily be soiled. 7. Crepe fold or pattern more hotel dining chair, cleaning and maintenance to take more attention to the details. 8. Can use a chair cover to protect the hotel dining chair, more convenient when clean, prolong the service life of eat chair. 9. Don't make hotel dining chair shake free or tilt your chair into two feet support, improper use can damage the original structure. Finally remind everybody should pay attention to eat desk and chair of choose and buy: only if the restaurant table or want to eliminate the original dining chair, let dining-room to change more and are also can consider the following key when the choose and buy.
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