Custom restaurant booth sofa need to ask what problem?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-30
Sometimes a little carelessness will lead to the cafeteria to a group of substandard booth sofa. Want to customize to the superior quality of restaurant booth sofa, custom when asked questions is very important. The custom restaurant booth sofa need to ask what problem? 1, booth can sofa cloth washed? There are many restaurant use restaurant booth is cloth art sofa design, not all of cloth art sofa booth is on the market can unpick and wash, not all the cloth art sofa booth can be washed. Restaurant booth sofa because it is used in the restaurant, it is easy to dirty, if not washed, the restaurant will face more high maintenance costs, don't bargain. So order restaurant booth a sofa when asked first to make sure that the booth can be washed. 2, booth include wood fumigated the sofa? Restaurant booth include sofa are generally choose hard miscellaneous wood production, and then match with man-made board or solid board. But booth is include solid wood wood sofa need to use after fumigation, dehydration process, otherwise it is easy to deformation, and easy to corrupt, snake. So order restaurant booth sofa must ask whether include wood sofa after fumigation, so we can ensure the quality of booth sofa and service life. 3, native sponge inside the booth sofa to fill? Restaurant booth using sponge according to the density of sofa, have a lot of kinds, usually in the underlying filling density sponge, middle filling high rebound sponge, surface layer and use the soft sponge and super soft cotton. Sponge is not only the quality of the relationship to the comfort and service life of sofa, relationship to the sofa and health, so the custom must ask clear, booth is sofa sponge filling the spun rayon or native sponge. 4, booth sofa spring mattress production process in the past, the traditional booth the trampoline are generally single spring of sofa, it is easy to collapse and deformation, and after a period of time will be used creaking noises. And now it's a good restaurant booth sofa USES spring mat is made of serpentine spring, interact with elastic bandage tied, compilation, use of such a spring cushion, cushion of the sofa booth will not deformation, keep elasticity for a long time.
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